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. introducing don sullivan's secrets to training the perfect dog system-- guaranteed to create a dramatic and positive change in your dog in just minutes, or your money back-- created by master wildlife and dog trainer, don sullivan, also known as "the dogfather". this amazing system gives you
. dr. perricone believes that aging is optional, and you don't have to age like your parents.
that at first, people don't believe it. >> my wife saw an ad in the newspaper and she wanted to start it. she wanted me to go with her and i was thinking that this thing is a scam. [typing] >> before the tummy tuck, i'd gotten to the point where i just wanted to give up. [typing] >> had my 50th birthday here a few weeks ago-- i want something to help me out here.
closed captioning provided by production west. are you losing your hair and don't know what to do? i looked in he mirror and i couldn't even recognize myself. i thought where did it all go? how did it happen so fast? are you concealing your hair loss from the world by wearing a hat all the time? even around your loved ones? i had a collection of 300 or so plus hats i'm sure i did. i'd get up and the first thing i'd do is put a baseball cap on. are you fed up with spending money on pills and topical treatments that don't deliver the results you want? and wonder if there's anything out there that actually works? i tried everything i could think of. literally everything. this is the one thing i didn't have control over. it drove me nuts. well during the next half hour you'll get to hear intimate in-depth stories from real live people just like you who have lost their hair but have chosen hair restoration to get it back. i feel i definitely look better with hair than without. and you'll get to see close up their actually honest to goodness
're gonna let you in on a little secret -- one that cable and satellite companies don't want you to know about. you can watch your favorite broadcast television shows for free. that's right, free. all you need is the clear tv hd digital antenna. clear tv gives you free over-the-air access to hundreds of broadcast tv shows, emmy award-winning dramas, comedies, local and national news and weather, reality tv shows, kids' shows, live sporting events. there's no contracts, no installation costs, and no monthly
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)